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AGS to Join Hands with Brightstar in $1.1 Billion Deal

AGS to Join Hands with Brightstar in $1.1 Billion Deal



Brightstar Capital Partners is buying AGS for about $1.1 billion. The deal got a thumbs-up from AGS’s board, and they think shareholders should agree. Each AGS share will sell for $12.50 in cash. This price is way above the recent average and yesterday’s close.

AGS makes all kinds of gaming products for casinos worldwide. Their CEO, David Lopez, is excited about the deal. He thinks it’ll help grow their global reach even more. Andrew Weinberg of Brightstar is also looking forward to helping AGS expand.

AGS has a strong reputation and a line-up of award-winning games. Roger Bulloch from Brightstar is confident this partnership will be a success. Macquarie Capital and Cooley LLP are advising AGS. Brightstar’s advice comes from Jefferies LLC, Barclays, and others.

Because of this acquisition news, AGS isn’t discussing their first-quarter financials as planned. They’ll also skip releasing their quarterly earnings.

The deal should close in the second half of 2025. It needs OKs from regulators and a majority of AGS shareholders. After the deal, AGS will go private and won’t be listed on public markets anymore.

AGS aims to give casino-goers great experiences with top-notch games and services. Brightstar focuses on boosting the businesses it invests in. They’re all about working closely with company teams to unlock growth. For more on these companies, check their websites.